The Boston College Eagles led by their stout defense host Senior Day this Saturday against Jacoby Brissett and the North Carolina State Wolfpack in a must win for the Eagles.

The Boston College Eagles will try to get some treats this Halloween as they meet the Virginia Tech Hokies Saturday at Alumni Stadium in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Down and with their backs to the walls, the Boston College Eagles go down to Kentucky to face the Louisville Cardinals in a game that could save their season.

Saturday the Clemson Tigers take on the Boston College Eagles who are coming off one of their worst offensive performances in a decade.

The denial from UFC regarding the Deadspin column has left fans and media more suspicious than ever. And might derail some good intentions in the beginning.

The Boston College Eagles look to get their first ACC win and standing in the way is a hurt and dangerous Wake Forest Demon Deacons team.

This week the Boston College Eagles will be trying to take on two opponents in The Duke Blue Devils and Mother Nature herself.

The Boston College Eagles took several body blows last week and this Saturday with the Northern Illinois Huskies in town, its going to be a case of either coming out like a lamb or roaring like a Lion.

In a Battle versus Speed and quick strike versus Smash Mouth football, Boston College meets Florida State in a Friday Night ACC Special where the stakes are incredibly high!

As  "retired" after last night's 49th straight victory over Andre Berto, you can't help wonder if his career would have been better if he himself was better inside and outside the ring.

This week the Boston College Eagles take on the Howard University Bison in a game that could shape next week's showdown with top 10 powerhouse, Florida State University.

Demetrious Johnson is the greatest MMA in the world and yet despite his brilliance the most hated because of his style and size; two things he cannot fix.

College football kicks off this weekend and one of the games will feature the Boston College Eagles versus the Maine Black Bears to start off the 2015 season.

This year, Coach Steve Addazio will have to do something that is near difficult to do; win for a third straight year in a row with a third different quarterback.

If UFC 190 was Ronda's shining moment, the last couple of weeks have been a nightmare as Rousey's words are coming back to haunt her.

After promising to get tough on fighters and creating a code of conduct, the UFC showed with Rumble Johnson that it was basically all talk.

MMA and Boxing have a huge problem that they have never solved in judging... and its time to fix it as too many fighters have suffered.

To quote the former pro wrestlers/UFC fighter CM Punk. "Your time is up. Its to see you later and go a bye bye."

That is how a lot of fans, fighters, promoters and managers must feel regarding Floyd Mayweather Jr right about now. After the latest announcement of Andre Berto vs. Money May in September 12th on PPV, you can hear the collective groan and cursing from boxing fans regarding this fight. And many of them believe its time that the Floyd Mayweather Jr era ends very quickly as the act, the drama and the whole circus has grown incredibly stale.

I write this knowing full well that the Mayweather fans out there will jump on me and accusing me of being a hater. That I don't appreciate the skill, his knowledge, his business savy. That I am a neanderthal that loves "brawling" and not the sweet science. 

Hell maybe I am Racist!

But this is bigger than me, bigger than the Mayweather fans. Even bigger than Floyd himself. This is about the sport of boxing getting dragged into a holding pattern as dozens of fighters won't make fan friendly fights as they are all waiting on the chance to get the fight to fight Floyd. And because of that the fans are the biggest losers in all of this.

Instead of Keith Thurman vs. Kell Brook or Shawn Porter vs. Danny Garcia or even Tim Bradley vs. Kell Brook, we have to wait as all fighters are waiting for the call. The Call that will get them the big shot against Mayweather a chance to get mega millions and a shot to topple the PPV king. 

But its not going to happen because as Floyd has shown, he is in full cash out mode.

Many industry expects expect that Floyd fights twice more with the September 12th fight with Andre Berto and then a possible rematch with Manny Pacquiao in 2016 in the new MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Doesn't matter that CBS/Showtime or HBO prefer not to work with each other after the last near fiasco that was MayPac or that Bob Arum is loathe to dealing with Floyd and his people again. This is what Floyd wants

"Nobody tells Floyd what to do. Not his trainers, his managers, not even the networks." One boxing manager told me in private. "He runs the show and everybody is powerless to stop this."

Its become the ultimate con job/cash out for Floyd and the fans and his "followers" are the true suckers in this whole ordeal as Floyd continues to throw a crap PPV at 69.99 and call it great. Berto will try to win and he has skill but make no mistake Floyd is a defensive master who can turn any fight into a bore and make a great fighter look like a amateur.

But the sport doesn't need this anymore and in many ways he has stunted the growth of the sport by not allowing other fighters to move on. Boxing needs more fights like Porter vs. Thurman and Bradley vs. Brook than they do another Floyd "Money May" Mayweather snooze PPV fight. Fight fans deserve to see Danny Garcia vs. Ruslan Provodnikov in a FOTY candidate rather than watch Danny Garcia chase Floyd around and not be able to let his hands go.

Floyd may be one of the best pure defensive fighters in the game ever and one of the best 20 fighters of all time pound for pound. But his boorish antics, his physical abuse towards women, lack of understanding of what fight fans want, and a general lack of motivation of wanting to fight the best has made him stale and toxic.

As a wise man once said. "Your time is up!"

There are some questions or statements that are just pure stupidity. The kind that you look and just shake your head because there is just nothing rational about them. The kind that a smart person would understand is just dribble.

The kind that most people jump on and think "This is an awesome idea".

Welcome to Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Ronda Rousey a fight that would never happen and yet its all the rage in social media, mainstream sports, even fans who want to have their wet fantasy. Its the newest drug that has swept the nation and it shows how far women's sports fall compared to male sports. That the only way an elite women seriously is if they beat a man in competition.

Lets all come back to reality for a second... THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN AND ANYONE WHO ENTERTAINS IT IS AN IDIOT!

First lets consider the fact that no sanctioning body, athletic commission or TV network would ever allow that to happen simply for the fact that they would look foolish at best, sadistic at worse. Ray Rice learned the hard way what happens when you are caught punching a woman, imagine if it was a trained world champion boxer just blooding and busting up a woman? The PTC, FCC, MADD, FBI and NAACP would storm the castle of said promoter and network demanding public hanging's, firing squad and tarred and feathering.

For Ronda, if she went in and lost to Floyd or even a Diego Brandao type fighter she would no longer be the female pioneer/trendsetter/superstar. She would be the late night punchline that comedians and talk show hosts would use when mocking women's sports. She would show why women's MMA is inferior to their male compatriots. Don't think for a second that happens as there are too many powers that be and money people that have alot invested in Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

For Floyd he has nothing to gain. Win and you are derided for beating up a woman and risk having some DA go gunning for a conviction for assault and battery. Loose and your the biggest joke since Steve Bartman and will have to hide in shame for enternity.

Fight is not happening people. Stop trying to talk about something that is as real as unicorn. I get that many MMA Writers have nothing better to do and want to show their comedic chops  by making up nonsense garbage. And the major sports writers who pile up are just trying to show how "cool" and "Trendy" they are.

But its time to come back to reality and focus on fights that can be made and that need to be made. Instead of Floyd vs. Ronda how about Floyd Mayweather vs. Keith Thurman in a battle that features old lion versus new lion.

For Ronda Rousey, prove you are the baddest "Biotch" on the planet and fight Cyborg Santos in a fight that everyone and their mother wants to see. The two most dominant women in the planet fighting to prove who is the best is something.

Ronda vs. Floyd... as a famous comedian once said "Get your shit and get the hell out."

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